The Arts

This is no way a gathering of essays, or some sort of academic collection. These are mostly a series of reflections from a more academical and/or philosophical perspective, which is why I am differentiating them from my blog section (although, admittedly, there is some overlap.)


March 10: Yet Another Epithet of Education
February 1: The Last Word: Orthodoxy, and The Lord Of The Rings
January 29: Update: Solemnity and Tradition in the Catholic Faith
January 25: On Pursuits
January 1: The Last Word: No Man’s Land, and The Inklings


December 21: Christmas: Pagan, Christian, or Secular?
December 6: Solemnity and Tradition in the Catholic Faith
December 1: Mediocrity: The True Plague of Humanity
November 19: Utopia: Where No Dreams Exist
July 18: Extracting Meaning from the Bible
April 7: Evil Proceeds from the Folly of Mankind
January 26: A Reason To Write


December 27: St. Augustine’s Confessions
November 27: Poetry Before and After the Great War
October 5: What is Gothic Literature?
July 28: Influences of the Ainulindalë
July 22: Our Secondary Beliefs in Fantasy