SUNMAXXING, and why should spend time in nature.

Sunmaxx - sunmaxxing - (verb): letting the powerful rays of sun vivify your body, from your feet (bare) to your balls. Countless health and aesthetic benefits, as well as being a big F U you to modern society and the globalist bugmen. Example phrases: "I sunmaxx 30 minutes daily."A question from someone inspired this post. … Continue reading SUNMAXXING, and why should spend time in nature.

FULL Beef Liver/Heart Recipe

The name is “FULL Beef Liver/Heart” in homage to the great Kyriakos Grizzly, and also because of the bombastic flavor of the dish. Mostly everything is optional, but the more you add the better it shall be. Especially the honey.Ingredients:Beef liver and/or heart.Olive oil.Butter – 20g.Honey – 3tsp.Garlic – sliced.1-2 onions – diced.Bell pepper.Paprika.Turmeric.Cumin.Salt.Pepper.Beef stock.Method:1. … Continue reading FULL Beef Liver/Heart Recipe