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Articles: One of the many perks of the internet is the endless amount of talented writers who are willing to share ideas, wisdom, and nihilism with us. Listed below are some which I have enjoyed and found interesting. *I do not endorse any or all of these pages or their content. **Arranged below in alphabetical order.

12 Rules for (a Stoic) Life:
4 Ways to Wake Up Like a Stoic:
Amusing Ourselves to Death: Huxley vs Orwell:
Contribute to World Culture Instead:
A Cyberpunk’s Take on Drug Culture:
Decrypting Dystopia: How Cyberpunk Corrupted the Space Opera:
Decrypting Dystopia: The Cyber Noir Spectrum:
Derek Sivers, Notes on ’12 Rules for Life:’
Dystopia as a State of Mind:
Entering the Way:
Epicurus on the Three Obstacles to Happiness and Tranquility:
The feminist case for Jordan Peterson:
Gardening and nobility in Tolkien:
Honor: A Lost Wor[l]d:
Introducing Fauxtography:
Man’s Search For Meaning:
On Mercy in a Merciless Age:
On Virtual Reality, Digital Life and the Need for Ethical Codes of Conduct:
Popularizing Ancient Philosophy: An Interview With The Philosophical Entertainer Einzelgänger:
Take A Walk: The Work & Life Benefits of Walking:
Simulated Living: The Matrix, Existential Nihilism, and the Shortcomings of Technology:
Spielberg Returns to Cyberpunk with Ready Player One:
The Stoicism of Thomas Jefferson:
Visiting G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and John Henry Newman: An England Pilgrimage:
Where Gardeners are Held in High Honor:
Why I Am A Catholic:
Why I Teach Plato to Plumbers: