Show up. Do the work. Every day.

“Control your mindset. Dominate your thought process. This life is all a f###ing mind game. Realize that. Own it!” — David Goggins, Can’t Hurt Me. 

It is the eighth of July. 2400 6-count burpees down. Some cardio and pullups in the bag too. This program serves to prove the effectiveness of two fundamental ideas in life. 1) Showing up every day / incremental progress. 2) High repetitions. Most things in life are simpler than they are made out to be. Not easy, but simple. The burpee is an efficient and effective exercise that targets muscle endurance in multiple areas of the body, as well as training cardio-vascular endurance. Its variations make it a versatile and accessible exercise. Do not merely desire to be better. Be better. Begin with taking action. Immediately. The clock will not wait for you. Faith requires action. And action requires faith.  

I was posing this question yesterday – what allows people like your run of the mill dairy farmer run on sleep deprivation, sub-standard diets, overuse of caffeine, and other questionable substance uses, and be relatively healthy? The answer is actually quite simple. Some combination of activity x caloric intake x intermittent fasting. The nature of the work requires a higher caloric burn, and does not allow you to snack or eat frequently. While this does not eliminate the detrimental effects of everything you put in your mouth, it can go a long way to counter it.  
To move from a negative to a positive point, we can take this same idea and use it to optimize bodily health and fitness. I’m regurgitating this from a fantastic concept popularized by the Bioneer very recently, but it’s such a simple and intuitive concept that I will describe it here. Organisms always adapt to their environments. Working out for an hour is very good. But in the broad span of things that is still only one hour out of 15 or 16 in which you are receiving stimulus for change. It stands to reason that if you would want to optimize health fitness, proportionally speaking, more of your daily activities should be stimulus for change and growth, as opposed to stimulus for lethargy and weakness. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. Assuming you don’t have any irreversible bodily and neurological injuries, which I’m coming to see as rarer and rarer when looked at in light of adaptation and training, you should be able to progress incrementally to a plateau, so to speak, of something approximating perfection, or at least a level of satisfactory maintenance. That it is a place I’m not sure anyone has reached.  

Systems are your best friend. Don’t rely on feelings or taking it “day by day.” The more you systematize your life the more it becomes a process of satisfactory action. Don’t torment yourself with indecision. Just do it. Discipline equals freedom.  

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