Congruentia? Always.

The very idea of articulating ideas and thoughts into the written word is appealing, and even more so when the subject matter is oneself. Instinctually one is adverse to this, as it seems, and rightly so, vain and prideful – but it is simultaneously the staple of humanity – the ability to direct your gaze, so to speak, at yourself. Introspection has yielded the greatest achievements of human thought, art, and engineering. Think of who began it – Augustine, with his ‘Confessions’, all the way through to Henry David Thoreau’s ‘Walden.’ That’s not to say anything any of us will write these days can even dare to be mentioned in the same breath as Augustine, because it can’t, but I mention these things to temper your predisposition to what I am about to write below, which really is nothing more than a thoughtful self-indulgent spiel on how I conduct myself. Perhaps it was inspired by literature, but also in the contrast which I begin to see more clearly between myself and other people my age.

One of the areas which I have been studying recently, as in the past few months, is biochemistry, and more broadly, nutrition. What are the practices I can undertake to maximize my cognitive and bodily function? It’s quite a simple endeavor, really. By practices, these can fall into three, also simple, categories – sleep, activity (active activity), and nutrition. All three are works of progress, and will likely never be “completed” by definition, not only because of the nature of individuals, but also as we are continuously discovering and refining the information we have. I’ll briefly disclose some dietary tips I have distilled. 1) Restrict your feeding window. The more hours you fast the better. If I’m having dinner at 1800 hours, I should be breaking my fast – having breakfast – no sooner than 0600 hours if possible. The longer the gap the better. 2) Track, but not meticulously, the foods you are eating. I use the Samsung Health app, and what it shows me, among other things, is the percentage of carbs / fat / protein of my total food consumption. Typically people will recommend 50% carbs, and 25% of fat and protein, but I’ve found that 33% of each is far better in terms of energy and the stability thereof. 3) Avoid most if not all processed foods, especially sugar. There is no need for these products. Whole foods is the way to go, even if it is bread, which I don’t recommend either. 4) Avoid eating right before bed. This will disrupt your circadian rhythm, among other things.

You can navigate to my new Kubernesis page for resources:, but let me tell you this – it is your duty to make sure are informed about these things. Actualize your potential, beginning through the often ignored path of physicality, especially nutrition and exercise.

Working on a dairy farm is physically demanding, and often makes it easy to ignore other duties. “Oh, I don’t have the time or energy to cultivate my intellect.” Excuses is all they are. If one makes use of his time and prioritizes the essential, there is very, very few professions which will hinder you from making progress in every area of life. MAKE the time to study. To exercise. To pray. No factor.

Ultimately, all life consists of is the orientation of the self towards an ideal, whether it be positive or negative in it’s nature. We must constantly discern and specify said ideal for risk of losing sight of it altogether. Mediocrity and survival is the default state of humanity. Raise your heart and mind above the superficial through means of a strong will and powerful intellect.

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