A Tout Le Monde

To any people who exist aside from my parents that actually read my work, I have been articulating my thoughts more so in real life, therefore I have not been posting. However, I have come to a point where some thoughts of mine have been articulated enough, mostly while working, to warrant posting a tirade against ignorance. I hope this helps.

The past is dead. Each passing hour is claimed by death. The difference between the wise, successful, and rich man, and the stupid, unsatisfied, poor man, is what is done is the present. At what time they wake, to what they dedicate their time to, and how much money they budget into savings and investments, IF ANY. In the POD future, this difference will be further accentuated due to a societal lack of low-skill labour. Those on this proposed universal basic income will be philosophical zombies whose lives only extend so far as to the economic success and governmental policies built on the backs of those who are stronger.

What ISN’T the essential is essentially a distraction.

The current lack of necessity, mostly physical, breeds passivity and mediocrity. If one can live somewhat comfortably paycheck to paycheck what reason do they have to save? People are not bearing a load together. They bear only their own, if they choose to bear it alone. Take up your cross and do not fear what’s to come.

The truth is difficult to ENACT. We know for a fact that some specific foods and systems of nutrition are better than others. We know that we must raise our heart rate to at least 150bpm to maintain it’s performance, and therefore the performance of the rest of our body, over time. This is typically achieved by lengthy exercise of the body! Speaking from experience, it is not EASY to wake up before work to lift weights. It is not easy to eat meat and rice and vegetables when you could go for some tasty spaghetti and some diabetes inducing desert. It is not easy to drive to a French lesson after work, or have to teach English every day that you don’t have a French lesson. It is not easy to follow the rational will to achieve the personal and the common good. Try it out some time though. Egoistic altruism. It works, trust me.

I can work for 10 hours a day, starting at 03:35, and still make time for a 45 minute workout, Aquinas, and teach English for an hour. Actualize your will to power. Do not validate people’s excuses for being weak or not having time. Even if their excuses are valid in SOME CASES act as if they are not so as to not remove autonomy! The sovereign individual is the foundation of society. We cannot lose it to the rising tide of mediocrity and collectivism. I do not value anti-conformity in and of itself but the state of music this day is not a bad reflection of an underlying smell in society.

My expectations are high. Too high, some would say. But I would rather have you fall short than to never aspire. Cathedrals are built by unattainable dreams. They took hundreds of years to build. Across generations. Think strategically (long term) by mastering the tactics (the short term).

God bless.

One thought on “A Tout Le Monde

  1. A very accurate description of some of today’s most pressing challenges (… or lack of actually)

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