Social Media

Can you believe it is a requirement in some college/university applications to have a Facebook account? I find this absurd, but not surprising. The word Facebook, and Google, for that matter, are becoming synonymous for internet. Why did these corporations have to monetize and insert themselves between our peer-to-peer interactions? I subscribe to and use a lot of FOSS. I’m currently writing this on a laptop using Manjaro, a distribution of Linux.

Unfortunately, I would like to have some modicum of local social interaction while I’m out here on the farm, so I ended up making some social media accounts this year. (Some of you have probably noticed getting multiple requests from a ‘Tomas M.C’ over the past year or so. This is because I keep deleting my accounts in indecision. 😛 Also trying to keep the feds of my back.)

So, here they are. Feel free to follow them, I may post some things and photos of interest.

Facebook Profile:
Facebook Page:
Instagram Profile:
Twitter Profile:
Parler Profile:

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