Yet Another Epithet of Education

As I begin my formal studies, I have been asked the question of “why I study what I do” numerous times. I’m beginning with a Bachelor of Arts in history, political science, and philosophy. The answer is relatively simple, but I think it merits some expansion.

I study these subjects because I see them as the context behind the present, in almost all aspects. History shapes the very way we look at the present world, and gives us a much stronger and refined sense of cultural identity. Political science pulls back the curtain that hides the complex arrays of systems and executive authorities that somehow manage to keep the wheels of the behemoth that we call human society moving forward. And philosophy, of course, can help us understand why. It can help understand the motives, the fundamental principles of an idea itself. It most certainly also feeds into the application of the other subjects too. Is this event or idea good any sense? Well, what defines good? Is consequentialism “good?” I need not give examples, as anyone who has seen a “bite-sized” philosophy video knows that these are the fundamental questions we should be asking ourselves. Not only concerning ethical theory, but also epistemology, teleology, theology, and metaphysics. The list goes on, and life is far too short.

I suppose I could summarize that in one simple sentence. I’m trying to wrap my head around the ‘why.’ The ‘why’ of society and our oh so strange existence.

Long live the Queen, watch Monty Python, read Tolkien, and God-fucking-speed!

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