Update: Solemnity and Tradition in the Catholic Faith

In my “Solemnity and Tradition in the Catholic Faith” post, I addressed a lot of issues concerning subjectivity and the de-emphasis of truth in the Mass and Faith.

“In addition to this corruption of language, I also believe we are placing far too much emphasis on the subjective experience and views of the religious person. These are the very things which shouldn’t be emphasized. The Mass (and I guess other religious practices too) is first and foremost a way of giving praise and worship to a higher being that we feel we owe it to. And it’s from that same praise and worship that our other beliefs and ethics should stem from. Subjective experiences are the last things that should be in our minds. When we place more emphasis on this subjective experience (which plays into the whole town hall idea) we are further demystifying the Mass and our relationship with God.”

Well, I decided to write this update post, because it turns out that there is a term for that kind of thing. It’s a branch of theological liberalism, in which the subjective experience is more important than objective and sacramental truths. Bishop Robert Barron wrote  a whole book addressing the theological implications and solutions on the matter, titled: The Priority of Christ: Toward a Postliberal Catholicism.

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