The History of my Content Creation

After watching a large amount of Matt D’Avella’s content on YouTube, and his website, I have decided to make my posting on this fledgling website somewhat consistent. Beginning with a little history of my content creation.

I actually first begun posting my writings on a site which doesn’t exist anymore in 2010 (I can’t remember the name.) This was when I first had leisurely access to a computer. I posted alternate endings to common folktales. One of which was that Cinderella unlocked the ability to call upon lightning and she actually struck down the evil sisters. Not sure what audience I was aiming at there…

I got rid of that fairly quickly, but from what I remember, I picked it back up again in 2013, except that this time I was posting non-fiction. My reflections and observations on a site called “Thing5 in Life.” Also deleted. I remember I was posting twice a week with fresh content, and I would include a photograph in each post. The website reached around 3000 views before I shut it down; I shut it down because I thought my content was becoming stale. This occurred sometime in 2014.

Reiterating, both of those latter websites were run on Blogspot, and they are both shut down.

In 2015 I started with a much more visual medium; YouTube. Over a time period of around 3 years (and two separate channels, one of which was deleted, the other which I deleted all the content off and started afresh) I created a massive variety of content. I did motivational animations, gardening video blogs, and general video blogs. Although some of the content could have been considered good, I got rid of it all, but I learnt an immense amount of technical skills along the way, which I consider a great positive.

And now, since about midway through 2018, I have been running a slightly inactive YouTube channel on which I post video essays on nerdy things (I am planning to start some kind of sit-down talk video series). I have also been running my website on which you are reading this on; Here I post literally anything, but mainly writings focused on The Arts and a bit of my own fiction. There is also a blog section.

So what can you take away from this? I think that the creation of content is the purest form of expressing ones self. Sometimes the product of our person says more about us than our person itself. I don’t know if that last sentence made sense.

Thank you for reading my thoughts, and keep an eye out for more. Farewell.

One thought on “The History of my Content Creation

  1. 1. Keep doing it. You have talent, and you like doing it.
    2. also that final point makes perfect sense. What you express reflects what’s within and otherwise not visible to others. That’s what artists/creatives do.
    Nice post, and again, keep at it.

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