The Conceptual Subconscious

Dreams. A simple word, yet underlain with such depth that we are likely never to comprehend. I was discussing this with one of my friends this morning. She prompted me to write this with one simple statement. “The conceptual subconscious is just so mysterious… it is like another world.”

Let’s begin.

I was trapped in a shed. The sports equipment shed from my first primary school. In a formation around me, were four T-800’s. And outside, outside the flimsy wooden barrier through which light filtered hauntingly, were seven T-1000’s. Unfortunately for me, the latter were hunting me down. Even though they have no method of flying, they were circling around in the air (which brings me to think that they were some advanced model) like birds of prey closing in on their target.

Fortunately for me, I woke up before I had to fight them.

I like to entertain the fact that we are traveling into another world when we dream. Another, world, or dimension, or even just to a different time in this world. When we dream, we are seeing a fragment of something that has happened, is happening, or is yet to happen. Whether it be in this world or another. Just like a seer. We see visions. We just have no idea when or where they take place.

So, yea, another version of myself in this infinitely immense universe could have been being hunted by Terminators.

This is obviously just a theory, albeit one I like to entertain.

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