Haunting in Sunless Skies

The wind ruffled my hair as I leaned over the side of the cabin.

Darkness flitted in the abyss below as we haunted the skies above.

Darkness which was barely pierced by the burning lamps fitted to the front and sides of the locomotive. If you didn’t keep your head in the right place… It was very easy to fall into a mental abyss, just like the one underneath.

The worn metal grazed my calloused hands as I relinquished my temporary freedom and returned to the steaming sub-levels of the ship. The sound of whistles and the underlying throb of the engines slowly drummed into my head, like the climax of an orchestra frozen in time. I blinked as I descended into the darkening atmosphere; there was no need for light inside the ship.

Outside, though; the lights were the only thing keeping us alive, and guarding us from the insanity that lurked in the depths below.

Day by day; oh, sorry, I meant unceasing night, is the way we suffer through our existence. All we can do is survive; survive, and pray that our struggles will mean something for future generations.

If they ever come to be.

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