An Inspiration

Last night I was feeling a little down. It was nothing substantial, mind you; just one of those times where you are not feeling one hundred percent, you’re a bit tired, you know, nothing really bad has actually happened. I just felt a little down. Okay, that is the introduction to the post. Now for what I am actually going to talk about. The reason why I wear a replica of the ring from the Lord of the Rings around my neck. And yes, this topic does relate to the introduction don’t worry.

In this case, I could give a short answer, and a long answer. The short answer being, I love the Lord of the Rings. And the long answer being this.

You may remember the scene at the end of the Two Towers (volume two of the Lord of the Rings) where Frodo and Sam come along a monstrously large spider in the dark caverns of Mordor. Here, Frodo is stabbed by this spider, and paralyses to the point where he cannot breath; only sustained by the spiders poison. To Sam’s ordinary hobbit senses… Frodo is dead. You also may remember what the two hobbits are actually doing in Mordor; traveling to the fires of Mt. Doom to destroy a powerful magical talisman; the One Ring (this is the replica I have around my neck). At the Council of Elrond, in volume one, the Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo is nominates himself as ring-bearer. He is the one who will carry the ring to Mordor, and destroy it, with the help of the fellowship.

Now, back to the Two Towers; Frodo, the ringbearer, and Sam’s best friend, is seemingly dead. And Sam is left alone in the horrors of Mordor with a tremendous task to complete; all without the help of his friend, in fact, now he is also burdened by a terrible grief. But what does he do? He grabs the ring from Frodo, bids him farewell, and continues to trudge through the darkness and into the most dangerous place in Middle Earth.

I have still not answered the question. Why do I wear it? Because, whenever I am faced with a challenge, regardless of how hard it is, I just grasp the ring at my neck and remember the iron will and bravery of Sam, Samwise Gamgee, and how he was able to leave everything he loved behind him and do what had to be done.

That is why I wear the ring.

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