Merry Christmas

Well, at this time, 21:24, I am reclining on a comfortable sofa, feeling as full as a hobbit after second breakfast, and contemplating the subject of this festivity.

Christmas – the celebration of the birth of Jesus – the celebration of God’s love. What I find amusing about Christmas is that it is a religious festivity. Entirely religious. Yet, the majority of the world celebrates it, regardless of their religious beliefs. Albeit, the Christ in Christmas is certainly something that has been lost in the universality of the festivity.

So what is the objective of this celebration? To celebrate the love of the Lord who sent down his son to save us, and to share that same love with one another, with one’s family, and one’s community. Naturally, this evokes a feeling of great joy and wholesomeness, and is enforced by the tradition of giving gifts to one another. All in all, a happy and wonderful occasion.

One that I am very glad to be able to celebrate. Thank you for reading my short and somewhat pointless reflection. Merry Christmas, and God bless.

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