Escape from Reality

The horizon was a galactic landscape of twinkling lights and industrial monoliths. A purple glow blanketed the city.

The girl sighed and turned back to her digital displays which ironically mirrored the outside world. A myriad of technology drowning humanity.

The soft glow of the displays illuminated the room, accentuating the paleness of the girl’s face. A doorway to a virtual heaven. Or hell.

I sighed as the evening blurred past me in a haze of typing, searching, and listening to music.

I settled down to watch a film.

Although the film was good, it was really just a way for me to zone out.

The sound of people interacting through my ears, and fictional visions of happiness on the screen. It was something I would never experience…

There was nothing to distinguish the day from the night.

The only window in my room, barred and shuttered, always let in the same amount of light due to a combination of streetlights, traffic, and billboards.

I lay there, trying to reach a level of contemplation, but the oppressive surroundings banished any attempt.

I was going to go to a place so deep in nature, that I would never have to deal with this again. Never.

Days like this turned into weeks, months, and years. Life was about as mediocre as it got.

But my funds steadily increased, and eventually I had enough to leave the urban jungle.

I opened the door to my room for the first time in six years.

The stained carpet and smoke filled air held no appeal to me, so I closed off my senses and ran out of the building, to the awaiting truck.

Trundling over pot-holed tarmac, and then dirt roads, I finally made it to a place where I could see no city.

The pale blue sky was like a window of splendor, one I had almost forgotten, and the touch of the winter breeze was like the caress of a long-lost lover.

I knew I would never return.


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