14.07.21: FULL Beef Liver/Heart Recipe
08.07.21: Show up. Do the work. Every day.
15.03.21: Fittingness
11.02.21: Truth as Judge
08.01.21: Congruentia? Always.
10.12.20: A Tout Le Monde
07.06.20: Interview with Dr. Curiosity
12.04.20: Heaven, Hell, and the Incarnation of God
06.04.20: Education, And The Importance Thereof
01.02.20: The Last Word: Orthodoxy, and The Lord Of The Rings
23.01.20: 1917: The Movie and The History
01.01.20: The Last Word: No Man’s Land, and The Inklings
21.12.19: Christmas: Pagan, Christian, or Secular?
01.12.19: Mediocrity: The True Plague of Humanity
19.11.19: Utopia: Where No Dreams Exist
23.12.18: Set in Stone