Some Explanations

‘The Nautilus,’ a Light Cream Letter Size 1″ Reinforced Half Tab File Folder of my research and reflections. I aim to explore the world , it’s curiosities, and my interactions with it, from a somewhat objective perspective, while providing what I like to think is a traditionalist commentary.

I myself am a Roman Catholic, Retropunk, Teaist, and an enthusiast of history, philosophy, and music. I recommend you read “The History of my Content Creation” post to get a bit more background on me and the website.

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I also run two small online communities, Academia Eruditio (, and Mere Christianity ( And an IRC channel. The Nautilus IRC – in all honesty, I don’t think I’ll be seeing anyone here. But I maintain this channel in honor of the original chatroom and untainted internet. You can join this channel at on port 6670. The channel is #the-nautilus.